Lock Back Folding Knife



Course runs: August 17-22

Tuition: $750

Material fee: $80.00

Skill level: Intermediate and up, knowledge of layout and appropriate tools and equipment required

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Learn how to make a basic lock-back folding knife with Dellana.  This class is a hands on experience where you will have the chance to make a basic folder.  We will start with precision ground flat stock, grind the blade, make the locking mechanism and learn how to make this style of knife “walk and talk”.   You will have the opportunity to leave with a working folder. As time allows we will discuss embellishments, design theory as well as heat treating and the finer points of these trustworthy knives.



My passion and career in creating with metals started when I enrolled in a Jewelry/Metals program at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY.  I had always made things with my hands, but working with silver and gold sparked a lifelong passion for creating with, fabricating and forging metal.  I subsequently opened my own successful gold-smithing business before transitioning into knives after 15 years. James Schmidt allowed me into his shop and taught me the secrets of forging pattern welded steel and how to make lock-back folding knife mechanisms with minimal power tools. By the end of 2 years, I had transitioned from full time jewelry to full time knifemaking and I’ve never looked back.

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