Fabricated Silver Sheath


Christoph Deringer - Master Smith

Class runs: September 22-24

Tuition: $475

Material Fee: $150

Skill level: Intermediate and up

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Students will design and fabricate a sheath from nickel silver.  Focus will be put towards creating a sheath for a pre-existing knife with a blade length of approximately 5 inches and a width of 1¼ inch. This will be accomplished through sessions on designing the exterior and interior of the sheath. Students will follow a multi-step construction process using a variety of soldering techniques for working with nickel silver. The expected outcome of this 3-day course is that students will leave with a finished product.


Christoph Deringer is a Master Smith who has taught courses such as Intro to Bladesmithing and Forging Integral Blades at NESM. Christoph has participated in ABS Hammer-Ins, and various demos for the ABS. He is recognized internationally for his work.