ABS Certified; Handles and Guards


   Master Bladesmith Tim Potier

Class runs: November 30-December 4

Tuition: $625

Material fee: $90

Skill level: Beginner and up, must!! bring finished blades to use in the class.

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     An ABS approved workshop, this class will take your fit and finish to the next level. Because of the advanced nature of this workshop there is a prerequisite of our Intermediate Bladesmithing class or Journeyman preparation skill level. Students must provide finished blades of full or hidden tang construction. Blades should be heat treated and polished, full tangs flattened and tang shoulders filed. All projects must be approved in advance by the instructor so a list of materials and necessary tools can be gathered beforehand. Perfect for Apprentice Smiths on the path to Journeyman or intermediate smiths interested in more complicated constructions or the refinement of basic techniques. Contact Timothy Potier directly at tpotier@hotmail.com with any questions. 



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