Forged Viking Belt Axe with Wire Inlay


Dereck Glaser

Class runs: November 11-15

Tuition: $650

 Material Fee: $60

Skill level: Seasoned beginner and up, good working knowledge of punching and forge welding

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Heralded as one of the most distinct images of the Viking society; the axe. In its simplicity as the life giving tool to build with to its distinctive use of protection through melee defense, whether you need to dress a rabbit for dinner or use this a thrown weapon, its size and agility will fit your need. We will explore a simple but effective belt axe based on interpretations of those used throughout Europe during the rain of the Vikings.

    On day one and two we will be forging these through a traditional sense of skills; bodies of mild steel or wrought iron and bits or tool steel or Damascus. From Forge to Bench on day three and four where this tool will take on an inlayed image and be imbued with your design. Simple tools must be made to engrave and inlay a simple image in copper or silver.

     Images will be supplied by the instructor and based on skill level. This course will be fast paced to keep the length of days low, students must possess proficient skills in basic hand forging, forge welding and perhaps a little knowledge or practice in simple engraving, inlay or chisel and chasing work. Handle making and hafting will be a discussion based topic unless time is available.