Higher in the FIRE

"Forge Welding Dispelled"


Dereck Glaser

Class runs: April 26-29

Tuition: $550

Material fee: $50

Skill level: Seasoned beginner and up, hopefully already tried to forge weld



 Practice makes perfect, join this course for a focused exposure to forge welding.

        Release yourself from the need to complete a project, take this time to become familiar and comfortable with the premise of forge welding, over and over again till its easy.

      We will create an environment of trial and error and practice several welded joints. All welding will be done in a coal fire, so students MUST be familiar with running a coal forge properly. Lap joints, scarfed joints, t joints, jump welds, cleft joints in many sizes and shapes. We will practice many joints in many sizes and shapes multiple times.

     What are the secrets ? what are the key points to remember, all will be disclosed, one secret is to work “Higher in the FIRE”.

                  Walk away a forge welder fully confident you can forge weld ANYTHING!!