The eight hour Saturday SMAW/Stick Clinic provides the student with a basic introduction to the SMAW welding process. The clinic begins in the classroom* with discussions on welding safety, SMAW techniques, weld metal transfer, flux coating, and basic troubleshooting. In the booths, students will practice on ¼” carbon steel using DCEP method.

HOURS: The clinic runs from 8:00 to 4:00. 30 minute break at noon.

TUITION:     $200.00 ($170.00 tuition plus $30.00 registration fee)Tuition includes instruction, all materials, and the use of the school’s personal protective equipment (PPE’s helmet, jacket, gloves, safety glasses, and beanie) for the day or feel free to bring your own PPE.

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2021 One Day SMAW/Stick Welding Clinics

March 20

June 19 - FULL

September 18

December 18

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