Bladesmithing Bootcamp

“Hunting Knife”


Dual Instructors:


Dereck Glaser and Ted King


Class runs: May 6-10

Tuition: $650.00

Material fee: $60.00

Skill Level: Beginner and up


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       A journey into the world of the Blacksmith and Bladesmith.  Bladesmith's always seem to want more practice at forging. This intense five day class will focus on the forging skills needed for bladesmithing. In the first two days Dereck will demonstrate and relate techniques which consist of several exercises to heat/beat and repeat some of the core forging processes (shoulders, short points, plunges, tapering) bladesmith’s need most to forge accurate clean knives.


       The next 3 days, Ted will guide you through insightful demonstrations where you will be using 1084 high carbon steel to forge a 4” blade, full tang  hunting knife, using slab handle construction with a stable synthetic material. A focus on better hand forging skills, grinding, and proper heat treatment will be the core of the class. Basic handle construction, materials, fitting, filing and finish will be covered.