Beginner Blacksmithing

"Lighting the Fire"


Lucas Damen

Class runs: June 11-14

Tuition: $600

Material fee: $50

Skill level: Beginner and up

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NEXT Beginner Blacksmithing course is July 23-26

In this four day class we will be covering all the basics for the beginner blacksmith. From tool introductions and ergonomics to hands on forging techniques and the process of planning and executing several small projects. We will get familiarized with both coal and propane forges as we delve into the 7 fundamental skills of blacksmithing: drawing out, upsetting, flaring, punching, splitting and forge welding. By focusing on these skills and projects utilizing them, you will build a solid foundation for the continuation of your journey into the craft.



Lucas began his journey into blacksmithing a mere 5 years ago. He studied as an apprentice in a traditional blacksmith shop in Portland for 2 years before venturing out on his own to focus on his business and artistic expression. He started Hammer Forge Creations in 2015 and has since become an active member of the Fryeburg Fair Blacksmith Shop and a volunteer blacksmith at the Historic Scribner's Mill in Harrison.


Focusing on small and functional work, much of Lucas' style beckons you back into ages past and eludes to a deep connection between the craft of blacksmithing and Earth and Humanity itself. Lucas believes that blacksmithing is not only a skill or ancient craft, it is a philosophy for life as well.


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