It is required for our long term Comprehensive Welding or Pipe students to provide their own tools.

   We have partnered as an Amazon Affiliate and established a minimal Welders Tool Bucket table below for your convenience. You can see below our choice on quality verses price. Each price you click on is a link for purchasing through the NESM Affiliate Amazon account. It is not required you purchase through Amazon, you can shop for these items locally at Harbor Freight, Maine Oxy or through anyone else and feel free to obtain these tools anywhere you wish.  You can also mix and match quality/price. As long as you have these for the first day or class.

                     As a welder entering this industry, you will be ready for work everyday !

Tool Good Better Best
Angle Grinder $ $$ $$$
Chipping Hammer $ $$ $$$
Wire Brush $ $$ $$$
Adjustable Wrench $ $$ $$$
C-Clamp Locking Pliers X 2 $ $$ $$$
Regular Locking Pliers $ $$ $$$
2 Gallon Metal Bucket $ $$ $$$
MIG Pliers $ $$ $$$
12 " File $ $$ $$$
File Handle $ $$ $$$
Average TOTAL may vary $225 $350 $475