Students are instructed on how to weld in the flat and horizontal positions with carbon steel using the five basic weld joints (butt, corner, T fillet, lap fillet, and edge). The goal is to become proficient at welding individual beads that have a smooth, finely rippled appearance. 

To keep costs down, we require that all night students supply their own basic protective equipment – welding helmet, jacket, gloves, safety glasses.

TUITION/FEES: $520.00 ($490.00 tuition plus $30.00 registration fee). Tuition includes instruction and all materials. Full payment is due at the time of enrollment.

OPTIONAL SAFETY EQUIPMENT PACKAGES - choose these options below at check out time.

Basic Package: Includes standard flip up shaded glass welding helmet, cotton welding jacket, gloves, safety glasses and beanie. $80.00

Upgraded Package: Includes auto-darkening welding helmet, leather sleeved cotton welding jacket, gloves, safety glasses, and beanie. $150.00

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2021 Night Welding Class Schedule

Monday and Wednesday Nights

Session 1 January 4 through 27  FULL

Session 2 February 1 through 24

Session 3 March 1 through 24

Session 4 April 5 through 28 FULL

Session 5 May 3 through 26  FULL, waitlist

Session 6 June 7 through 30

Session 7 July 6 through 29

Session 8 August 2 through 25 FULL

Session 9 September 7 through 29

Session 10 October 4 through 27

Session 11 November 1 through 24

Session 12  December 6 through 29

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