Pre-requisite: GTAW LVL 1

This course works exclusively with stainless steel OR aluminum. Training consists of learning the techniques required for flat and horizontal welding on different weld joints using E308L (stainless) OR E4043 (aluminum) filler. 

To keep costs down, we require that all night students supply their own basic protective equipment – welding helmet, jacket, gloves, safety glasses.

TUITION/FEES: $520.00 ($490.00 tuition plus $30.00 registration fee). Tuition includes instruction and all materials. Full payment is due at the time of enrollment.

OPTIONAL SAFETY EQUIPMENT PACKAGES - choose these options below at check out time.

Basic Package: Includes standard flip up shaded glass welding helmet, cotton welding jacket, gloves, safety glasses and beanie. $80.00

Upgraded Package: Includes auto-darkening welding helmet, leather sleeved cotton welding jacket, gloves, safety glasses, and beanie. $150.00

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2021 Night Welding Class Schedule

Monday and Wednesday Nights

Session 1 January 4 through 27  FULL

Session 2 February 1 through 24

Session 3 March 1 through 24

Session 4 April 5 through 28 FULL

Session 5 May 3 through 26  FULL, waitlist

Session 6 June 7 through 30

Session 7 July 6 through 29

Session 8 August 2 through 25 FULL

Session 9 September 7 through 29

Session 10 October 4 through 27

Session 11 November 1 through 24

Session 12  December 6 through 29

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