Forged Colonial Bayonet


Derek Heidemann

Class runs: August 10-13

Tuition: $575

Material fee: $50

Skill level: Seasoned beginner and up

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"During the mid-to-late 18th century, American blacksmiths were called upon to make bayonets for militiamen and the Continental Army. In this class, students will follow in the footsteps of these early smiths as they forge a simple pattern of socket bayonet. The specific style of bayonet that we will be making will have a sheet metal socket that will be forge brazed to a triangular fullered blade. While many of these bayonets were crude and show rough forging and finishing, previous blacksmithing experience is strongly recommended.”

Students attending will be making a bayonet for a specific musket, it is the students responsibility to bring the barrel for the musket at the very least, bringing the entire firearm will be permitted. HOWEVER, it is not essential that a student have a musket to learn this amazing process.

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Derek started blacksmithing in 2001 as an apprentice blacksmith to Rob Lyon at Old Sturbridge Village. He specializes in making tools and hardware of the late-18th and early-19th centuries using traditional forging techniques and materials. From 2011 to 2017, he operated Resurrection Iron Works out of Millbury, MA. He is currently the Coordinator of Historic Trades and senior blacksmith at Old Sturbridge Village.


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