Smokehouse Pad Lock


Thomas Boucher

Class runs: October 16-21

Tuition: $600

Material fee: $50

Skill level: Intermediate and up, must have controlled forging skills and understanding of layout and comfortable with precision filing.

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Many smiths are interested in making locks, but do not know where to start. This basic padlock, based on common lock construction techniques, will familiarize the student with a simple single bolt lock mechanism allowing them to produce and located the parts to make a functioning padlock. We will be taking a look at some originals to see how they were made. Cast steel keys will be provided. If there is time, we will look at the process to make a single-piece key.


This project involves layout, forging to dimensions, cold chiseling, hot and cold bending, hot and cold punching, forge welding, cold rivet joinery, tempering tools, and a lot of filing and fitting parts together at the bench. 


            Thomas grew up in his father’s blacksmith shop, but did not find himself working at an anvil until 2012 when he took it up as a hobby. After forging for a few years, his attention was focused on studying and making handmade locks. In 2018, Thomas was awarded a Traditional Artist Apprenticeship Grant from the NH State Council on the Arts. The grant afforded him the opportunity to study English handmade locks under the direction of Kevin Moreau of Plumb Farm Workshops. Since then, Thomas has spent his time continuing to study locks and sharing that knowledge; most notably through writing his first book, Basic Handmade Padlock.


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