Just TONGs


Dereck Glaser

Course runs: March 20-22

Tuition: $450

Material fee: $50

Skill level: Seasoned beginner and up, having had a beginners course

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How about some serious crunch time on the number one tool you want to be faster at making ?? TONGS.

      A seasoned beginner skill level will help you quickly work your way through a series of tong exercises, based on your ability you could be making: Flat-bit Wolf Jaw tongs, V-bit Bow tongs, Box-Jaw tongs, Offset tongs, Pickup tongs and other, we’ll cover them as well as provide insight to rein forging by forge welding as well as instruction on safe and practical power hammer use and operation.

             You’ll certainly have a few working pairs of tongs for your arsenal within 3 days.


                     Check out images of last years course