Liner Lock Folding Knife


Rick Dunkerly   ABS - MS

Course runs: October 10-14

Tuition: $750

Material fee: $80.00

Skill level: Intermediate and up, knowledge of layout and appropriate tools and equipment required

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In this five day class students will learn to design and construct their own locking folding knife using the “Liner Lock” mechanism. The goal will be for each student to complete a folder and learn the necessary skills and theory to create a solid, smooth functioning folder using basic knifemaking equipment in their own shop.  Topics covered will include basic liner lock design and construction, proper lock geometry, blade grinding, heat treating and final assembly. 

            This is a seasoned beginner class. Each perspective student should have a basic knowledge of knifemaking tools and some blade grinding experience.




Rick Dunkerly first started making knives in 1984. He made his first Damascus steel in 1991. Rick received his ABS journeyman smith rating in 1995, Rick’s main focus has been Damascus steel, particularly mosaic and composite bar blades. Rick attained the American Bladesmith Society Mastersmith rating in 1997. He has been a full-time knifemaker since 1996, except for the two month’s each fall that he operates as an outfitter in Montana’s Scapegoat Wilderness. Rick now specializes in Damascus folding knives.


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