Extreme Bowie Collaboration


 Ben Breda  ABS JS

Ben Seward - ABS JS

Course runs: October 2-7

Tuition: $900

Material fee: $80.00

Skill level: Intermediate and up, knowledge of layout and appropriate tools and equipment required

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Come join the winners of the 2018 Blade Show "Best Collaboration Knife" for this epic course.

This collaborative teaching effort will highlight the skills and techniques needed to make a high performance Bowie knife.  

Through a series of hands on demonstrations and sit down discussions the topics of blade and handle design with an emphasis on edge geometry and comfort will lead students through an action packed week(6 days). Also covered as a part of the course will be designing and making performance guards as well as embellishments and handle texture such as stippling and checkering. Other topics including but not limited to material choices, heat treating and blade theory will be covered.

This course requires a proficient level of competency in forging, grinding and the detail work to make a world class tool such as this. 


Ben Seward began his knife making journey in 2009. He attended the W.E. Moran School of Bladesmithing in Old Washington Arkansas under the tutelage of Mastersmiths’ JR Cook and Mike Williams. He has since achieved the Journeymen Smith ranking form the American Bladesmith Society. Ben has been making custom knives on a full time basis for some time. He enjoys forging steel, making Pattern Welded Damascus and stainless Steel SanMai. Whether an investment grade art piece or a field grade EDC defense knife, Ben strives to make each blade a high performance tool.

Ben Breda is a local Journeyman Bladesmith from Hope Maine. He got his start in knife making at the New England School of Metalwork in 2012, since then he has studied under several Mastersmiths such as Jim Crowell, Tim Potier, Rick Dunkerley, and Kevin Cashen. Ben received his Journeyman stamp from the American Bladesmith Society in 2014 at the Atlanta Blade show. He was also awarded the George Peck award for the best knife submitted by a Journeyman applicant. Ben has been a full time maker since 2016, he specializes in hand forged heirloom quality fixed blades as well as folding  knives.

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