Chef Knife with Hamon


Emiliano Carrillo

Course runs: August 19-23

Tuition: $700

Material fee: $75.00

Skill level: Intermediate and up, knowledge of layout and appropriate tools and equipment required

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In this five day workshop students will forge 6”-8” hidden tang high carbon cooking knives.

We will go over the basics of forging, grinding, heat treatment, handle fitting, and polishing a knife to bring out Hamon.

We will also cover the particulars of effective kitchen knife design and how to apply clay to create a traditional looking Hamon in modern steel. The knives will feature polished blades and multi piece handles with a metal or organic bolster and a wooden grip.


Emiliano Carrillo has been bladesmithing for over 6 years with an emphasis on Viking age and migration period pattern welding. He has created many Seaxes and Viking swords in this time striving for historical accuracy and authenticity within his craft. He graduated from Hampshire College where he was able to pursue historical bladesmithing and Scandinavian material culture and history. He has created his own steel and experimented with ancient pattern welding techniques striving to understand how these incredible weapons left to us in the archaeological record were made and what they meant.


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