Back Country Camping Knife


Ted King

Class runs: February 6-9

Tuition: $400 - ** PRICE DISCOUNT $100**FREE DORM

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 Additional $50 off for FIRST TIME students

Material Fee: $60

Skill level: Beginner and up

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In this four-day workshop students will learn how to forge and finish a full-tang utility knife that they can expect to inspire confidence on long, backcountry excursions while (also?) improving their skills as a bladesmith.

This versatile knife is designed to tackle everything from fire starting to food preparation and many tasks besides, while being stout and durable as well as nimble and compact.

 All aspects of knifemaking will be covered, including forging, grinding, heat treatment, safety, tools, material selection and knife design theory. The blades will be forged from 1084 high-carbon steel, with a durable and comfortable micarta handle. Students should expect to complete a knife with a 3-4” blade. Join us and make a tool you can rely on for years to come.




Students should be familiar with basic forging processes to be successful in this class. A minimum of a beginners blacksmithing is super helpful.