Blacksmiths Folding Knife 2

An Integral Slip-Joint 


Dereck Glaser

Class runs: December 19-21

Tuition: $450

Material fee: $40

Skill level: Seasoned Beginner and up, must have some good forging skills

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The focus of this course will be for students to learn and produce an all steel slip joint folding knife. I designed this knife in 2017 for a special course and it has gained much attention, it’s unique in that the handle and spring are all one piece forged steel construction. Great care must be taken in specific locations of forging to set up the spring and pivot locations. A simple stock removal blade and one rivet are all that compose this trusty knife.


Students need sound familiarity of shouldering and spreading steel by hand. Discussions of the design and forging progression will be covered as well as the basics of grinding and heat treating. Care and attention will be used in the marriage of the handle and blade and the “timing” to the spring back to create a sound and crisp action.