Forged EDC Knife with Sheath


Isaiah Washington

Class runs: August 23-25

Tuition: $450

Material fee: $65

Skill level: Beginner and up

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      In this comprehensive 3 day workshop students will be forging and finishing a handy fixed blade for “Every Day Carry” This knife will be more compact than the knife made in our hunting knife class. Each student can expect to make one full tang knife out of 1084 high carbon steel with an exotic wood or phenolic laminate handle. All aspects of knifemaking will be discussed during the course including but not limited to forging processes, heat treating, design, proper grinding techniques and most importantly how to hone a keen edge. An added bonus is the entry level Kydex sheath making, ensuring your new blade has a safe and handy place for to live.


To put the “C” in EDC we will be making a molded thermoplastic sheath to go with it. This would be a great class for students who have never don’t this type of work before and want to make a tool they can use “Every Day”.


Isaiah started forging steel after he was inspired by a popular online show about forging knives and swords. In 2015 at the age of 18 Isaiah bought his first forge from the New England School of Metalwork, a small buffalo forge run on coal and charcoal. Isaiah began selling his work online and started his business Zay Knives. Shortly after graduating high school Isaiah began pursuing the craft full time, specializing in handmade kitchen knives, folding knives, and utility knives. Isaiah became the intern apprentice at NESM and was asked to participate in the 2016 Battle of the Bladesmiths where four contestants would make a knife in under 2 hours, Isaiah came in second place. 

As the intern apprentice at the school Isaiah would help with odd jobs and whatever would need to be done. At the same time gaining knowledge and advice from Dereck Glaser, and Nick Rossi, and many other crafts people that came through the school,  who influenced his style as a blacksmith / bladesmith. In 2020 NESM asked Isaiah to be a resident instructor at the school. Now with over 7 years of experience Isaiah assists classes, and teaches beginner level bladesmithing courses here at NESM.