Introduction to the Pantograph


John Archibald

Class runs: July 16-18

Tuition: $400

Material fee: $30

Skill level: Beginner and up

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2 spaces left as of 6/20

This class is designed to give each student an in depth understanding of how to set up and use a Pantograph engraver for engraving blades and milling inlays. Each student will make and heat treat a hot stamp (based on instructor approval), engrave a brass coin, and cut and set an inlay.

It's going to be fairly intense due to the complexity of the processes, as well as the volume of work to accomplish. This under-rated machine can produce a wide array of highly useful processes for knife makers.

It's great for those who are interested in using a Pantograph who have never tried one, and for those who have one, but want to further their knowledge on using one. Upon completing the class, students can expect to be able to confidently use a Pantograph engraver or Pantomill to engrave blades, make inlay pockets and cut out inlays.


John has been making Balisongs (butterfly knives) since 2015 and bladesmithing since 2016. He makes a variety of things besides knives including but not limited to bullwhips, musical instruments, blacksmithing tools, machinist tools, and miniature tools. He is an avid collector of vintage metal working machines, namely pantographs. He started his business Balistuff in 2020, and has been full-time since early 2021.


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