Introduction to Koftgari


Jordan LaMothe

Class runs: July 17-19

Tuition: $500

Material fee: $75

Skill level: Seasoned beginner and up

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Koftgari is a form of damascening practiced in India. It is a technique for overlaying precious metals onto an iron surface that is traditionally used to embellish weapons and armor. On the first day of this three-day class, students will forge, heat treat, and grind their own specialized tools for wire overlay. During the following two days, they will learn the basics of wire overlay, applying silver wire designs onto their own practice plates. All steps of the process will be taught, from preparing the ground to laying the wire to finishing the work piece. Seldom seen in the United States today, this technique will make a great addition to the skillset of any knife-maker, jeweler, or blacksmith.


Jordan LaMothe is a Master Smith in the American Bladesmith Society and a full-time knife-maker based in Hebron, NY. He makes a wide variety of knives and swords, from “user” knives for the kitchen and field to presentation blades and historically-based weapons. He also teaches regularly at craft schools around the country. In 2022, Jordan received a Fulbright grant to study Koftgari and Indian weapons making techniques in Udaipur, Rajasthan. He spent 9 months in India, learning from master craftsmen and studying historical weapons at museums around Rajasthan. He also has a bachelor’s degree in music from Williams College, and was champion of Forged in Fire season 4, episode 7.