Classes run - 9am - 3:30pm Tuesday- Thursday

Break at 11am - 11:15am

Lunch at 1pm - 1:30pm

Classes run - Click date below to enroll

February 26 - 28

March 25 - 27

May 27 - 29

June 24 - 26

August 26 - 28

September 23 - 25

November 25 - 27

Skill level: Intermediate, MUST HAVE competent and proficient skill in solid wire GMAW (MIG)

Tuition: $800

This 3-day intensive course is designed to take those that already have Mig welding skills to the next level. Students will be introduced to the equipment and techniques that make welding aluminum unique. Students will be taken through a series of exercises giving them the skills to weld aluminum in all positions (Flat, Horizontal, Vertical and Overhead).

This course is designed around a growing demand in the workforce as aluminum becomes more and more prominent.

Potential students with the appropriate skills to enroll would have their own welding gear, bring it as we will not be providing welding gear.

Day One

  • Weld shop safety
  • Introduction to aluminum metallurgy
  • Welding equipment, how to set up and the differences in the types of equipment.
  • Hands on equipment set up.
  • Welding fillet welds in the flat position on ¼ in material

Day Two

  • Welding fillet welds in the horizontal position on ¼ in material
  • Welding fillet welds in the vertical position on ¼ in material

Day Three          

  • Welding fillet welds in the overhead position on ¼ material
  • Welding fillet welds in all positions on 1/8 in material


Students are required to have basic knowledge and skills in the Mig welding process. Either previously taken a Mig welding course or work related Mig welding skills.

If you are a company seeking this specialized training for your crew please contact us directly for privatized training and pricing - 207-753-1360.