Advanced Chef Knife: Handles & Grinds


Salem Straub

Class runs: April 29 - May 3

 Tuition: $850

 Material Fee: $100

Skill level: Intermediate and up, MUST know blade forging as well as proficiency in grinding and handle construction

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Advanced Chef Knife: Handles and Grinds

A chef knife class with a focus on creative and precise handle work, and on compound grinding blades.

Students will forge a monosteel blade from 26C3 alloy steel (bring your own Damascus optional; based on skill level and instructor approval) and learn the finer points of blade grinding, including flat grinds, hybrid flat/convex grinds, and compound/S grinds.  

Students will then design and fabricate handles in multiple materials with focus on material choices for flow, composition and contrast, and explore the use of heirloom fitting, bolsters, spacers, frames, hidden pins, and through-bolt tangs. Types and techniques of faceting will be discussed.

Skills used will include forging, grinding, heat treatment, light machining, brazing, and final fit/finish procedures.


Salem is a full-time Washington State based bladesmith and teacher, specializing in culinary knives, daggers, and various integral forged blades. His main areas of interest are in the historical work of Europe and Asia, in vivid and interesting materials, and in exploring new boundaries in all styles of pattern welding. He has been making knives since 2004 and plans to continue until he can’t pick up a hammer.



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