Blacksmiths Tools Level 2


Dereck Glaser

Class runs: October 29 - Nov 1

Tuition: $550

Material fee: $60

Skill level: Seasoned beginner and up, proficient working knowledge of forging operations.

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      OK, you have made your starter kit of tools and been using them for a while. Now; let’s ramp up the tasks and skills into tools that are a bit more complex and hard to come by through the usual sources of barn yard tool mongers.

          In this 4 day class we will focus on those go to tools other than the basics.

      Single and double bit box jaw tongs, side grab tongs and bigger tongs for power hammer work. Handled tools for top work forging such as hot cuts, fullers, butchers. Tool holding tongs and related tool bits to fit those tongs will also help. A pair of three leaf simple dividers will test our light weight accurate forging skills.

        This class is open to those with the basics of tool making already under their belt and must have already made a hammer or some tongs.