Pattern Welded Viking Spear


Emilliano Carrillo

Class runs: November 6-10

Tuition: $700

Material fee: $130

Skill Level: Intermediate and up, Blade forging and Damascus skills required

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    In this week long forging intensive class students will forge pattern welded Viking spears based on original artifacts. We will be using various twisting and folding techniques to create Viking age patterns and assembling them into complex multi-bar billets.

    The spears will feature forge welded sockets made from iron, and a strong grasp of forge welding is highly encouraged for this class. We will be covering many areas such as reverse engineering museum pieces and planning complex patterns in tapered blades, as well as socket forging and spear grinding. Students should expect to leave with a finished pattern welded spear head.



Emiliano Carrillo has been bladesmithing for over 6 years with an emphasis on Viking age and migration period pattern welding. He has created many Seaxes and Viking swords in this time striving for historical accuracy and authenticity within his craft. He graduated from Hampshire College where he was able to pursue historical bladesmithing and Scandinavian material culture and history. He has created his own steel and experimented with ancient pattern welding techniques striving to understand how these incredible weapons left to us in the archaeological record were made and what they meant.