ABS Quillion Dagger


Kevin Cashen  ABS - MS

Class runs: September 26-30

Tuition: $700

Materials and Fees: $60

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

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This course approaches the European style quillon dagger from a historical perspective as well as construction techniques, with heavy emphasis on the unsurpassed elegance of this blade being a result of form following function.  Both traditional designs and considerations for the ABS Mastersmith dagger will be discussed. Although Damascus applications will be discussed, only carbon steel blades will be used in hands on construction.  Topics will include classroom talks about the history, development and use of daggers, hands on practice of designing, hand forging, grinding and heat treating double edged blades.  Hilt design and layout will also include the use of fluting and twisted wire handle features as well as quillon configurations, all with appropriate function considerations.






            Kevin Cashen makes hunters, bowies, and camp knives with a specialization in swords and daggers from all periods. The majority of his work is done in own O1/L6 Damascus, with a special focus on technical aspects of the metallurgy involved in bladesmithing pursued through the use of salt bath heat treating and laboratory level analysis. Kevin is very active in the ABS and specializes in the historically accurate depiction of the blades.

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