Stainless Steel San Mai


Ben Seward ABS - JS

Class runs: September 25-29

Tuition: $700

Materials and Fees: $150

Skill Level: Well seasoned beginner and Up

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     As makers, we are always looking for the “Best of both worlds” and in knives, that means a blade that would perform like a high carbon tool steel but would not rust. In this 5 day workshop we will be cladding the sides of a piece of high carbon steel with stainless steel, using the Japanese 3 layer or “San Mai” construction.

    Forge welding stainless steel takes special considerations and award winning Journeyman bladesmith Ben Seward will guide students through the process. Students will be making billets of clad steel and experimenting with forging blades using patterning techniques to achieve different effects in the stainless to carbon weld zone. Students can expect to forge and potentially finish 1-2 blades (no handle work) in this class.

This is not a beginner workshop. Students must have experience in both pattern welding and blade forging as well as be comfortable in the use of a press and power hammer.


I began my knife making journey in 2009. I attended the W.E. Moran School of Bladesmithing in Old Washington Arkansas under the tutelage of Mastersmiths’ JR Cook and Mike Williams. I have since achieved the Journeymen Smith ranking form the American Bladesmith Society. I’ve been making custom knives on a full time basis for some time. I enjoy forging steel, making Pattern Welded Damascus and stainless Steel SanMai. Whether an investment grade art piece or a field grade EDC defense knife, I strive to make each blade a high performance tool.

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