Forged "X" Rhea Knife


Lin Rhea - ABS MS

Class runs: July 19-22

Tuition: $600

Materials and Fees: $50

Skill Level: Seasoned beginner and blacksmithing experience recommended

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In this 4 day workshop Master Bladesmith Lin Rhea will be expanding the depth and scope of the humble “Blacksmith Knife” with advanced blacksmithing techniques. Students will be experimenting with transforming high carbon steel into one piece, three dimensional knives. Material selection, design, layout and hardening will be covered. Several designs and styles will be discussed as well.

Due to the complexity of these forgings students should be very comfortable with intermediate blacksmithing and bladesmithing skills. Students should be able to quickly and comfortably perform all standard blacksmithing operations as well as blade forging and grinding.



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