Beginner Bladesmithing

"An EDC Puko"


Emiliano Carrillo

Class runs: July 25-29

Tuition: $600

Materials and Fees: $60

Skill Level: Beginner and up

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This course is meant to serve as a primer to beginners hoping to learn the basics of all aspects of bladesmithing. We will cover basic design, steel and material choices, as well as forging, grinding, heat treating and polishing. We will explore various ways of fitting handle materials to our knives and making simple Kydex sheaths. Each student can expect to leave with a finished 3-5" bladed knife as well as a good grasp of the techniques and processes used in custom knife making to go from a bar of steel to a fully finished and sharpened knife. Prior experience is not necessary. Course project knife will differ from that pictured.


Emiliano Carrillo has been bladesmithing for over 6 years with an emphasis on Viking age and migration period pattern welding. He has created many Seaxes and Viking swords in this time striving for historical accuracy and authenticity within his craft. He graduated from Hampshire College where he was able to pursue historical bladesmithing and Scandinavian material culture and history. He has created his own steel and experimented with ancient pattern welding techniques striving to understand how these incredible weapons left to us in the archaeological record were made and what they meant.

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